The revamped Age Group World Rankings are in full swing for 2023 and athletes all over the world are hitting the new qualifying times every week. Here is how the new system works

The 2023 edition of the Age Group World Rankings has undergone a revamp to the format for athletes to qualify for a place in the 2024 Age Group World Championships. 

The system is now based on an athlete’s single fastest performance achieved at any one of more than 350 qualifying marathons around the world. 

Furthermore, runners can now instantly earn an invitation (place must be paid for) if they run the Automatic Qualifying Time for their age group. 

For athletes who do not meet that time, they can still earn a place through their ranking position in their age group.  

The AbbottWMM Global Run Club will also continue to offer 200 places in its spring and autumn editions of the virtual Global Marathon. 

There are 36 races in April, 37 races in May and 20 in June. View the full race directory here


1. Automatic Qualifying Time 

Any athlete achieving the Automatic Qualifying Times listed below will receive an instant invitation to the 2024 world championships. Please note you must be registered on AbbottWMM.com to receive an invite.  

2. Invitational Athletes 

Athletes in the rankings who have not achieved automatic time qualification may receive an invitation based on the number of athletes who meet the Automatic Qualifying Times and the number of runners who do not take up their place. The number of athletes who receive invitations through this pathway will be determined during the rankings season. 

3. Global Marathon 

The first Global Marathon of 2023  takes place between March 5 and April 23 and will offer up to 200 runners the chance to qualify runners for the 2024 World Championship. The second Global Marathon will take place in the autumn with dates to be confirmed.